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You want to create a point grid over a particular area of your project.

Quick guide

  1. Start with defining your area of interest. Create a polygon using the Drawing functions that can be found in the Home tab. The polygon should be selected in order to create a point grid.

  2. Go to Home > Point Grid and set the distance between the axes. If you are going to use a triangular grid set only the spacing for the 1st axis. If you are planning to create a rectangular grid, then set the spacing for the 1st and 2nd axes. 

  1. In the Point Grid dropdown click on Rectangular or Triangular to create the point grid.


  1. The Progress bar at the bottom left of the Virtual Surveyor app will indicate the completion of the gridding process.

  1. A new layer will appear in the ProjectTree when the grid has been created.

Orientation of the grid

ou can set the orientation of the grid by specifying a value for the Azimuth (angle relative to North) in the corresponding window. The picture below demonstrates rectangular grids with the same distances between points but different orientations. The blue grid is created with an azimuth of 45° (northeast orientation) while the yellow grid is oriented in the north direction (0°).


A rectangular grid requires distances for 2 axis, a triangular grid requires just one distance.

No polygon selected

An information message will pop-up if no polygon is selected. Click OK to close the message and select a polygon in the 3D viewport or in the ProjectTree in order to create the point grid.