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Editing Survey Objects:

You may want to edit your survey objects during creation when you have misplaced a vertex or a polyline or when you want to align an existing survey onto a recently acquired terrain so that you don't need to redo all of your linework.

Quick guide

Edit mode is available immediately after the creation of a survey object, Previously created objects may also be edited by selecting the object in the 3D viewport or the Project Tree.

Selected objects will be highlighted in green as shown below and highlighted after creation as well"

Once a survey object is created the following options are available:

  • Edit a vertices on a Polyline or a Boundary in X ,Y, & Z and also densify the object
  • Edit points in X, Y, & Z
  • Move survey object to the terrain if imported with a different vertical Datum
  • Densify the Boundary and Polyline by breaks of set interval.
  • Delete selected objects by pressing the Delete key on the keyboard or by using the Ease tool whether highlighted or not.
  • Select multiple objects by using the area select tool.

Undo last vertex

While in sketch mode removal of the last drawn vertex is accomplished by pressing the Backspace Key. Each time the Backspace key is pressed, the last placed vertex will be removed.

While using the Guided Breakline Drawing function, removal of entire line segments is possible by pressing Ctrl+Backspace.

Edit a vertex

Select the survey object to edit first by clicking on the object in the 3D viewport or the Project Tree. The Drawing Tools Update menu tab will become visible.

Select the Drawing Tools Update tab and options to edit On Terrain, XY and will be come visible.

Editing Z 

In the image below the Z option is selected. When initially selected all of the  vertices of a polyline or  boundary are highlighted and the  Z value box will allow the input of a value. This will allow setting the Z values of all the vertices of a Polyline or Boundary to the same value. This is useful for setting the water level of a pond or the elevation of a structure. Selecting a single vertex will allow changing the value for that one vertex by input of a value or dragging up or down on the axis. The XY location will be maintained. The values entered should be absolute values based on the vertical datum of the project.

Editing XY 

Below the XY option is selected. Initially none of the vertices will be selected. Selecting the vertex will cause a transparent orange grid to appear that is constructed on the same elevation of the selected vertex. Dragging the vertex will hold the elevation of the selected vertex while allowing the movement of the XY location. Numeric values for XY may also be manually entered as well. These values should be absolute values based on the project datum.

Editing On Terrain

Selecting the On Terrain option will allow you to drag the vertex to a new location on the terrain while maintaining the z value of the original XY location from the terrain.

Add A Vertex 

Vertices may be added to existing Polylines and boundaries by selecting the object. Select one of the editing modes ( XY, Z, or On Terrain ) and the hover over the object. A new vertex will appear. After you click on the location the new vertex it can then be moved where needed.

Delete a Vertex

Selecting a Boundary or Polyline and then one of the editing modes ( XY, Z, or On Terrain ) Will allow selection of any of the highlighted vertices. Pressing the delete key on the keyboard will delete the selected vertex. The next vertex is selected based on the direction the Boundary or Polyline was created. Pressing the delete key will continue to delete the selected vertex and automatically move to the next vertex.

Densify a Boundary or Polyline

This tool allows the densification of the the Boundary or Polyline by either a set interval (Regular) or an automatically determined value based on a elasticity value (Break Points). The lower the elasticity value is set, the tighter the object will drape or follow the surface. The Regular option will create a vertex at a user specified distance along the object selected.

To Terrain

The To Terrain tool will take survey objects (Points, Boundaries or Polylines) and push the objects to the surface of the terrain. This tool is very useful for importing CAD object that are 2D or on a different vertical datum and aligning to the Virtual Surveyor Terrain. The vertices of the linear object will assume the Z value of the surface where the horizontal location falls on the terrain. If points are imported from another program, the points initial will maintain the Z value as imported. To Terrain will force the Z values to be adjusted to the surface again based on the horizontal location of the points. In the example below, both points and a polyline are pushed to the terrain.

Deleting Survey Objects

Selected survey objects may be deleted by first by clicking on the object in the 3D viewport or the Project Tree and pressing the delete key on the keyboard. Survey objects may also be removed by using the Erase tool. When an object is selected with the Erase Tool it will become bold. A simple click will then erase the object.

Delete all Object within an area

To remove all survey objects within a certain area, use the Area Select Tool. Once the objects are selected, pressing the delete key on the keyboard will erase the selected items. Any object that is crossed by the selection line will be selected. To toggle removal or addition of survey objects to the selection set, use the left mouse click with the control key pressed (control+click). Objects on layers that are turned off will not be selected. The layers must be turned off before the selection area is picked.