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You want to apply a certain style to all survey objects in a layer.


First note that in Virtual Surveyor a style is set to each object separately. So styling is ByBlock and not ByLayer. 

However, a certain style can be applied to all objects in a layer in a very easy way. 

The following style elements can be controlled:

  • Survey points: shape of a symbol, its color and size
  • Survey polylines: line color, thickness and dashes
  • Survey polygons: outline color, thickness and dashes; fill color and transparency.

Quick Guide

To change the style of all objects in a layer, follow these steps:

  1. Set the style for each geometry type present in this layer.

    In the Drawing section of the Home tab click Point, Polyline or Polygon and set the style you want for each geometry type in the Styling section.

  1. Select the layer you want to modify.

    Click on the layer drop-down menu and select the layer you want to apply the style to. Alternatively, you can click the layer name in the ProjectTree.

  1. Click on the brush icon located to the right of the layer drop-down.

    The active styling will be applied to all objects (blocks) in the selected layer.