Applicable plans
Valley Mountain Peak

When you export your points to a .csv file, they will be available in a specific point file format. Virtual Surveyor uses the PXYZD point file format. This article explains the specifics of this format.


  • A point will be exported in the P, X, Y, Z, D point file format.
  • Essentially, 5 pieces of information related to the point will be exported.
  • This information is structured in 5 columns which contain the following headers:
    • P - Point Number
    • X - Easting coordinate of the point
    • Y - Northing coordinate of the point
    • Z - Elevation of the point
    • D - Descriptor
  • X, Y & Z are exported to 6 decimals

Layer information

  • Layer information is not exported when exporting to a .csv file
  • This is because depending on your descriptor, your CAD package will import the point in the proper layer and associate it with the proper symbol.