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Conveyors often hang over piles and are captured in a DSM or point cloud that is created from drone data. In order to get an accurate volume measurement, the conveyors needs to be removed from the data first.

This article presents 3 methods to remove such conveyors. The information is supported with a tutorial video.

3 methods

In order to remove a conveyor you can use the following techniques:

  • Use the Clean Terrain tool
  • Create a surface under the conveyor
  • Create a complex surface

When to use each method?

The most simple case is to use the Clean Terrain tool and trace around the conveyor. Virtual Surveyor will replace the conveyor with an updated surface. This methods works best when the conveyor is simple and doesn't connect to larger installations.

Often you need more control on the surface you want to create under the conveyor. In the 2nd technique, you trace a rough boundary around the conveyor and automatically detect the break points with the densify operation. Then, you delete and edit break points so that the final boundary is closer to the conveyor. You then create the replacement surface with a triangulation operation. Finally you remove the conveyor by modifying the terrain to the newly created surface.

Sometimes the 2nd method doesn't create the replacement surface that you need to align your terrain too. The 3rd method adds breaklines to the boundary and allows you how to create a complex replacement surface.

Watch the video