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Valley Mountain Peak

The topographic surface is one of the most important items in Virtual Surveyor. The surface is a set of triangles that models the topography of an area and is commonly referred to as a Triangulated Irregular Network or TIN for short. A surface can be shown in different ways. The way it is presented (what you see) influences your exports (what you get). 

Changes with Virtual Surveyor 6.2

  • In earlier versions, contours were generated as a separate item. Since Virtual Surveyor 6.2, contours are a style property of a surface.
  • With the release of version 6.2 you can present surfaces as:
    • a TIN (triangles), and/or
    • contours, or
    • an outline only.

Update surface style

  1. Select a surface
  2. Go to the DRAWING TOOLS tab
  3. In the Styling group you will now see Surface as an option
  4. The color bar under the Surface icon indicates the current colors selected for the TIN (left) and the Contours (right)

  1. Clicking will show styling menu for the surface: TIN and Contours.

  1. Clicking TIN and Contours will bring up the styling properties for each option. In the example below the options for the TIN are shown:

TIN display properties

You have three options to set to style for the TIN

  1. Color of the triangle outlines
  2. Show or hide the TIN
  3. Thickness of the triangle outlines

In our example below the TIN color was changed to red and the line Thickness was changed to Extra Thick. Note that in this case, the contours were hidden (see further).

Note: When the TIN is hidden the surface outline will always be visible.

Contours display properties

You have three options to set the style for the Contours.

  1. Color of the contour lines
  2. Show or hide Contours
  3. Set the contour interval

In our example below, the Contour color was set to blue, the Interval was set to 2. Note that in this case, the TIN was hidden (see earlier).


Display surfaces as outlines

  • If you want to display the surface outlines only, then you need to set both TIN and Contours to hidden.

  • This setting can be particularly interesting when you want to visualize pile locations and volumes for reporting purposes.

Exporting surfaces

  • Exporting surfaces follows the principle WYSIWIG = What You See Is What You Get.
  • For example: you can export the contours only when the the surface property was set to Show Contours.
  • See the following articles on how to export Contour lines and Pile outlines.