Applicable plans
Valley Mountain Peak

Volumes are calculated with reference to a three-dimensional surface. Such a surface is typically represented as a TIN, a set of triangles. You can set the surface to be displayed and exported as outlines only. 

The way the surface is presented (what you see) influences your export (what you get):

  • So, you can export pile outlines only when you have hidden the TIN and contours for your surfaces. 
  • In such a case, only the outlines will be shown and exported.

Hide TIN and/or contours

  1. Select the surface(s) that you want to show as outlines
  2. In the HOME tab, go to Surface Styling
  3. Click Surface, then TIN and click Hide TIN. The triangles will be hidden and only the outline(s) appear.

  4. If the surface is also displayed as contours then you need to hide the contours as well.

  5. Click Surface, then Contours and click Hide Contours

  6. When you have turned off TIN and contours (as shown below), only the outlines remain.

Export outlines

  1. Turn of all other survey items that you don't want to include in your export.
  2. Go to the EXPORT tab
  3. Click Export Survey
  4. Choose the export format (.dxf, .xml or .shp)
  5. Specify a filename
  6. Click Save


The example below shows a .shp file with the outlines only. Note that the attribute table includes the volume calculation.