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Lake Valley Mountain Peak

You have scanned a building, vertical face or other structure with a laser scanner and want to add the resulting point cloud onto your UAV terrain


  • Important to note is that you can add a point cloud on top of a terrain but you cannot start natively from your point cloud.
  • So you  need to create a terrain first by combining your orthophoto with a digital surface model in the geotiff format and then add the point cloud.
  • This article describes how to add the point cloud. For information on how to create a terrain you can have a look at this article.

Quick guide

Supported point cloud formats are .las and .txt.

You need to perform the following steps if you want to import laser scanned data in your virtual survey project:

  1. Convert your point cloud to the internal .cpt format
  2. Load the resulting .cpt file in Virtual Surveyor

Convert point cloud

  1. In the Insert tab, click Convert

  2. The MakeCPT utility will appear

  3. Click "Add Files" and select one or multiple point cloud files. We recommend to check "Combine all sources to single output file" if you have selected multiple files.

    Hint: If your input data have absolute coordinates you can set "Input Absolute Data" to Yes. Enabling this option will allow you later to position the point cloud on the correct location with a single click. If you have set this option you will also need to make sure that you set the "Coordinate System" properly.

  4. Specify an Output File
  5. Click "Make Cpt file" for the converstion process to start.

Load point cloud

  1. In the Insert tab, click Point Cloud

  2. A File dialog will appear. Browse for the .cpt file you have created in the previous step and click Open.

  3. Place the point cloud onto your terrain by left-click. The point cloud properties will appear automatically.

    Hint: If your input data had absolute coordinates, you can click "Set default location" and the point cloud will be positioned automatically at the good location.