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Lake Valley Mountain Peak


You want to load all objects or layers (for example, polygons, 3D models, labels etc) from one project into another project.

Quick Guide

In order to achieve this proceed as follows:

  1. Open the project (e.g. Project2.vsp) in which you want to load the existing objects
  2. Go to the Insert tab > Layer and click Project

  3. Select the Virtual Surveyor Project file that contains the objects you want to reuse (e.g. Project1.vsp)
  4. The objects of Project1 are loaded in your Project2 as a new layer in the ProjectTree. The layer has the name of the project you have loaded.

  1. Drag and drop objects and layers from Project1 in the base of the ProjectTree to get a clean layer structure (one level deep)
  2. And finally remove Project1 and save the changes or Save as a new project.