Virtual Surveyor is designed to handle large volumes of data from UAV True Orthophotos and elevation models by merging these into in a virtual environment.

Virtual Surveyor allows

  • Fast visualization of image and elevation data in a virtual environment
  • Draw breaklines and survey points and export layers to a CAD or GIS format
  • Automatically create point grids
  • Real-time calculation of volumes and volume differences
  • Real-time calcuation of elevation contour lines and slope gradients
  • Densification and smoothing of polylines
  • Automatic annotation of elevation values
  • Conversion of various file formats(.tif, .jpg, .img, .jp2) into the high performant terrain format
  • Assemble multiple tiles into one terrain file
  • Automatically add terrain files to a new Virtual Surveyor project (.vsp)

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Virtual Surveyor