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You want to create an interactive 3D terrain using input data that is available in a local coordinate system.


Virtual Surveyor is designed to work with geographic data in a projected coordinate system.

Since historically a lot of surveys were done using an local coordinate system and re-projection of these data is complex, Virtual Surveyor offers a way to manually define the parameters of your local coordinate system. 

Quick guide

You need to create a terrain using 'a' projected coordinate system and then manually change the coordinate system to the local system.

Creating a terrain with 'a' coordinate system

  1. Start TerrainCreator (File > New > Create Terrain).
  2. Define your Output project file name.
  3. Load your locally projected input data.
  4. In the Input image information and Input elevation information sections select any projection system from the drop-downs. For example, take something that is commonly used like WGS 84 / UTM zone 11N (32611). 
  5. Create terrain. More details on creating a terrain can be found in this solution.

Modifying projection information

  1. After your terrain has been created go to Home > Setup > Project Settings.

  2. Go to the Terrain Database tab and Click Change.

  1. The Coordinate System window will pop-up and you can paste a description of your local system here. The description should be in Well Known Text format (see further).



  2. A warning window will pop-up. Click Yes to create a new coordinate system.

  3. Click OK and Save the project. You have manually set your own local system.    

Syntax WKT

Below is the template which you can copy in Notepad to describe your local projection system in the Well Known Text (WKT). The parameters in curly brackets {} are optional, the parameters in angle brackets <> are mandatory to fill in. 




                          <datum type>








Note: Once you have created a local projection system, it will be saved automatically and you can reuse it in any of your future projects.