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Valley Mountain Peak


You have covered a large project area with a number of UAV flights and have produced multiple orthophotos and elevation models which partly overlap but cover together your entire area. You want to have a seamless mosaic without having to go through too much image processing. You can do this by combining multiple Virtual Surveyor projects into one large Virtual Surveyor project.

Quick guide

First create separate terrains for each data set, then merge them together and finally clip the separate layers to get a seamless result.

The steps below describe how to do this:

  1. Produce a terrain for the first area (Project1.vsp)
  2. Produce a terrain for the second area (Project2.vsp)
  3. Open the first project
  4. Add the Project2.ei.mpt file (Insert  > Terrain > Elevation) to this (first) project

  1. Then, add the Project2.ii.mpt file (Insert  > Terrain > Image)


  1. Go to the Home tab > Edit and enable the Properties button
  2. Then click Project2.ii.mpt in the ProjectTree
  3. In the pop-up window, go to Imagery > Draw polygon
  4. Click Draw and create a polygon around the terrain you have just added. 

Hint: You can also draw a polygon first using the drawing tool from the Home tab. Then export the polygon to a shapefile and use Import polygon to clip your terrain. In this way you can reuse the polygon when you apply it to the elevation layer (next step).

If you don't use polygons to clip out the NoData areas the result might look like the picture below:

  1. Now clip your elevation layer. Right click the added ProjectName.ei.mpt and clip it in the same way as the image layer.

An example of a project produced from two separate data sets is shown below. This approach will work equally well when you want to add third, forth, fifth etc. projects.