Applicable plans
Valley Mountain Peak

You have covered a large project area with a number of UAV flights and have produced multiple orthophotos and elevation models which partly overlap but cover together your entire area. You want to have a seamless mosaic without having to go through too much image processing. You can do this by combining multiple Virtual Surveyor projects into one large Virtual Surveyor project.

Quick guide

The general steps are:

  1. Create seperate projects for each data set using the TerrainCreator, then
  2. Add the terrains from all projects together in one project file

The steps below describe how to do this:

  1. Produce a terrain for the first area (Project1.vspx).
  2. Produce a terrain for the second area (Project2.vspx).
  3. Open the first project.
  4. Go to the INSERT tab and click Elevation in the Terrain group. Browse to the Project2.ei.tif file and add it to this (first) project.

  5. Then, add the Project2.ii.tif file. Again in the INSERT tab, click Image in the Terrain group and browse to the file.

  6. Virtual Surveyor combines both datasets together as shown below.

  7. You can continue to add additional terrains.

Setting orders

You can control what terrain goes on top of the other terrains by setting the terrain order.

  1. Select a terrain in the projectview.
  2. Go to the TERRAIN TOOLS contextual tab.
  3. Click Move Up if you want to give the selected terrain (or terrains) a higher order. Each click moves the terrain up one position in the order.
  4. Click Move Down if you want to give the selected terrain a lower order.

  5. You can see the order of a specific terrain in the Information Box in the lower left corner.

Important to know

  1. The highest order goes on top.
  2. Image and Elevation terrains have seperate orders.