Applicable plans
Lake Valley Mountain Peak

You want to increase the level of realism by adding 3D models to your virtual world. 

You can add trucks, cranes, transport belts, wind mills, high voltage pylons, guard rails, jerseys, cars, trees, cows and even humans. Technically speaking, all these models are exactly the same. Virtual Surveyor supports very common file formats so there is no limit to your imagination. 

Virtual Surveyor supports the following model formats:

  1. .3DS (3D studio max which is also an Autodesk format)
  2. .dae (Collada open format from Google)
  3. .flt (Open Flight)
  4. .x (format from Microsoft)
  5. .xpl2 (properietary format that build on .x but implements level of details). This is the recommended file format.

Once you get your model into such a format you can add them to Virtual Surveyor: Insert > 3D Model. 

For more information and examples on 3D models in virtual environment see the Webinar Visualization.