Applicable plans
Lake Valley Mountain Peak


You want to create an interactive 3D terrain using an elevation model and/or an orthophoto that consist of tiles


Large images or elevation models are cut in tiles by a regular grid to keep the data manageable. Typically the tiles that belong together have the same base name followed by their position in the tiling scheme (column and row). 

For example, ortho_MyProject_7_4.tif is a tile located in the 7th column, 4th row and belongs to the ortho_MyProject tiling scheme.

Note: Tiles are not the same as images acquired with an UAV. Images obtained with an UAV need to be processed in a photogrammetry package to an orthophoto and an elevation model. Tiles are an output of this process.

Creating a terrain

To create a 3D terrain from tiles simply proceed the same way as you would load a single file in TerrainCreator. Click the browse icon and select all the tiles you want to include in your terrain.

Click Open and your tiles will all be added in the Input image or Input elevation information box.

Virtual Surveyor will display your data as one seamless dataset after the terrain has been created,


TerrainCreator will validate if all tiles belong to the same tiling schema and will check file extension, resolution and the projection system. If an inconsistency is discovered, TerrainCreator shows an error icon and you will not be able to create the terrain until you have resolved the problem. Hovering over the error icon will show a tooltip that will help you resolve the inconsistency.

Missing tiles

In case image tiles are missing they will be automatically replaced by black tiles. 

If elevation tiles are missing, they will be automatically filled with the background value.