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ValleyMountain Peak


In some cases Projection Information is missing or not correct after you have added image or elevation file to TerrainCreator. In this solution we will explain how to solve this.

The dropdown box next to 'Projection system' indicates the projection system. When this value is stored correctly in the input file tags, TerrainCreator will be able to derive it and the projection system will appear automatically.

If this is not the case, the projection system should be defined manually. Without a valid projection system defined, the start button will be disabled.

The projection system can be defined manually in two ways: by selection or by typing. 

  • Selection

Click on the arrow at the right of the list box and scroll till you find the correct projection system.

  • Typing

Start typing the projection system in the textbox. A subset of the provided systems will appear. 

*Note: Virtual Surveyor does not reproject your data. If you need to reproject your files it should be done during export from a photogrammetry software.