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Valley Mountain Peak

You have an orthophoto and elevation model available from your photogrammetry process and want to get them in Virtual Surveyor. You have to create a terrain.


TerrainCreator converts your orthophoto and elevation model into an interactive 3D terrain. 

The following steps describe the process:

  1. Launch TerrainCreator
  2. Define the Virtual Surveyor project file (.vspx)
  3. Define the input image file or files (orthophoto)
  4. Define the input elevation file or files (digital surface model / dsm)
  5. Click the 'Create terrain' button


Quick Guide

  1. To start TerrainCreator. Click on File > New > Create Terrain

  1. In the TerrainCreator window click on the top folder icon to specify your 'Virtual Surveyor project file' name and its location.

  1. In the 'Input image information' select your orthophoto

  2. In the 'Input elevation information' select your digital surface model (dsm)

    NOTE: Both image and elevation inforrmation can consist of one large file or a set of data tiles that together cover your entire project area. 

  3. The Coordindate System is detected automatically when your input file is a GeoTIFF file.

  4. You can update the Coordinate System if it is absent or not correct. For more information on how to do this, see Manually define projection information.

    NOTE: Changing the coordinate system does not reproject your input files to a different coordinate system. It only overwrites the current coordinate system information of the input files. So only do this when you are sure that the coordinate system shown is not correct.

  5. When all the required inputs are available, the 'Create terrain' button is enabled. 

  6. Press the button to start the creation process. 

  7. The progress bar and the remaining time will be displayed at the bottom of the window.

  8. The project opens automatically when the terrain creator process completes.

  9. You are ready now to start your Virtual Survey!