Applicable plans
Valley Mountain Peak


If you are creating a terrain and after loading the input a red cross appears next to the path to the input and the button 'Create terrain' stays disabled it indicates an error connected with the input data.

Place the cursor of your mouse above the red cross to get additional information about the error:

  • 'File Filename.resolution is elevation in stead of image'. Replace the input file with an image.

         TerrainCreator will assume that files consisting of one or more 8 bit bands are imagery. This includes color and

         grayscale images. For images with more than four bands (e.g. multispectral images), only the first three bands

         are used. 

  • 'File Filename.resolution is image instead of elevation'Replace the input file with an elevation model.
          Files that are 16, 32 or 64 bit integer or floating point are assumed to be elevation files. 
Make sure that pixel size, projection system and file type of your input files are the same. Otherwise one of the following messages will appear:
  • 'Error with Filename.resolution: Projections are not consistent'
  • 'Error with Filename.resolution: Pixel sizes are not consistent'
  • 'Error with Filename.resolution: Input files are not consistent'

  • If you get a 'Read error or wrong file type message' make sure that the format of the input files is one of the described in the solution Requirements for input files when creating a terrain and that the path contains only symbols present in English alphabet.

*Note: See Requirements for input files when creating a terrain for more details on input files.