Applicable plans
Valley Mountain Peak


When you are creating a terrain the following rules apply to the input files:

  1. The supported input formats are: tif, jpg, png and img (ERDAS Imagine).

  2. Lists of multiple files are expected to be part of a tiling scheme that was used to split up a larger image of elevation file. Multiple input files with different pixel sizes and extents that are not part of a tiling scheme are not supported. For more information see Create a terrain from tiles.

  3. All files of a tiling scheme need to be in the same folder.

  4. TerrainCreator will assume that files consisting of one or more 8 bit bands are imagery. This includes color and grayscale images. For images with more than four bands (e.g. multispectral images), only the first three bands are used.

  5. Files that are 16, 32 or 64 bit integer or floating point are assumed to be elevation files. Elevation is assumed to be expressed in meters.

  6. TerrainCreator will try to retrieve the projection information from the input file from geotags or from an associated prj file. In case the projection information cannot be retrieved, you need to supply a projection system using the Projection system dropdown box. For more details see Manually define projection information.