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You want to bring structure in your project and keep a better overview of its content so you organize your project using layers


The layers bar is located above the ProjectTree, in the top left corner of your screen, under the ribbon controls. It consists of the icons representing the layer controls and the Active Layer dropdown.

You can manage the layers the following ways:

  • Set an active layer  

  • Create a layer        

  • Delete a layer         

  • Rename a layer      

Layers are represented in the ProjectTree with a directory icon:

The default Base layer is listed only in the Active Layer dropdown. All objects that are not placed in any particular layer are automatically added to the Base layer.

Set an active layer

You can choose an active layer from the dropdown or by clicking on the layer's name in the ProjectTree.

Setting a layer active implies the following:

  • when you draw new objects in the 3D window they will be added to the active layer.
  • when you delete a layer all features that are present in this layer will be deleted.
  • when you apply a style all features in this layer will receive the active style definition.

Create a layer

A new layer can be created by clicking the plus icon. After clicking, the Active Layer dropdown will change into an editable text box. Type the new layer name and press Enter to finish this process.



Delete a layer

A selected layer can be deleted by clicking the cross icon. This process will delete all features that are contained by this layer. A confirmation will be requested before the actual process starts. Click Yes to delete the layer.


Rename a layer

An existing layer can be renamed by clicking the Rename Selected Layer button. After clicking, the Active Layer dropdown will change into an editable text box with the selected layer name in it. Press Enter to apply the new name.


See also: Change layer styling