Applicable plans
Lake Valley Mountain Peak


You might want to clearly state that the data is copyrighted or have it properly acknowledged that the project is produced by your company. Virtual Surveyor provides a possibility to add both a copyright and a logo to your project.

Quick guide

  1. Click the gear icon in the status bar. You'll find this icon in the bottom left corner of the application

  2. In the pop-up window go to tab Screen Overlay

  3. Type in the copyright text in the corresponding text box

  4. To add a company logo click Browse in Screen Overlay Image section and choose the required file. When the Image file is placed on the same location then the .vsp file you can just specify its filename. The logo can be link to your website by entering the url in the Link field.

  5. Choose a position of a logo in 3D window by selecting one of the four options given in Screen Overlay Image section. Most commonly used is the lower right corner.

  6. Click "OK" and the logo will appear on top of the 3D Viewport

For the details on how to be able to transfer this project with a logo on other computers see 
Make a project portable.