Release date: 14 March 2016

1. User Interface
  • Improved customer experience with complete new Virtual Surveyor fluent ribbon application


2. Licensing
  • Integrated license manager
  • Use of a user license code
  • Easy transfer of the user license code to another computer


3. Maintenance
  • Automatic update notification
  • Easy software updates

4. Loading Project from Cloud
  • Load terrain from cloud server


5. Creating Terrain
  • Support for non-ascii file paths and file names containing (é, à, è, ö, ü, ı …). This specifically affects projects in Turkish, German, French and Swedish languages.

6. Project
  • Modern backstage view controls with recent lists and directories
  • Virtual Surveyor Project File (*.vsp). You can still load your existing *. fly files 
  • Save home position (camera position when a project is open)
  • Active state of your project is saved with a project (e.g. layers that were off will remain off when you reopen your project)
  • Restoring project file in case it was unexpectedly terminated using a *.vsp.backup file

7. Drawing
  • Drawing mode directly accessible through Home tab
  • Slope and terrain maps shortcuts right next to the drawing control

  • Preview lines when drawing

  • Easier control of survey object symbology & naming

  • Improved layer control (easier renaming and adding layers)


8. Annotations
  • Annotations (name and elevation) are controlled per layer
  • Name annotations for polylines and polygons

9. Editing 
  • Improved editing for vertices
  • Improved object shift
  • Duplication of objects
  • Improved ‘Area Delete’

  • Object selection in viewport
  • Offset Terrain tool

 10. Volume Calculations
  • Volume calculation for 3D polygons
  • Export of volume information

11. Import
  • Create Level of Details for 3D models is integrated in ribbon
  • Support for laser point cloud

12. Export
  • Preservation of symbology on export to CAD
  • Point symbols are preserved when working with a different account or on another computer
  • Export of point coordinates and volume information to a text format (*.csv)

13. interpolation

  • Triangulation of your survey

14. Other
  • Terrain map
  • Improved control for the distance between (real time) contour lines
  • Performance improvements
  • Bug fixes