Working with Virtual Surveyor Subscriptions has the following advantages:

Operational advantages

  • You can change your Subscription so that it is always in line with your business' needs
    • Change plan when you need more or less functionality.
    • Add users when your work load exceeds normal capacity levels. Remove users when your work load is back to a normal level.
    • Suspend your subscription during holiday periods.
    • Combine different plans to get maximum benefit for your company. For example: one Peak user can put terrains online, 2 Mountain users can execute surveys on those online terrain files.
    • Everyone has access to the free Lake version.
  • You always have access to the latest version of Virtual Surveyor.
  • Support is included in your subscription.

Financial advantages

  • No investments in software are required. 
  • You align your costs with your operations and pay a fee every month or every year.
  • You choose your billing cycle as per your preference. If you are tight on working capital, you can go for a monthly subscription. If you have some more room you can go for an annual subscription.