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You want to visualize a water body in a realistic way. For example, you want to model a pond or a river within your terrain and you want it to have a texture of moving water. You can create an effect as in the illustration below:

Quick steps

Create the water body

  1. Draw a polygon around the area you want to see as water
  2. Right-click the polygon and click Properties
  3. Set the Fill Opacity to 100%

  4. Type $$WATER$$ in the Texture File field

  5. You can change the Scale X and Y to make the waves larger or smaller.

After conducting these steps you will see a water body with a realistic water texture. 

Level the water body

The next step is to make sure that the water surface is flat as in reality:

  1. Change Altitude Method to Absolute in the Properties window
  2. Set the Point Altitude to the same elevation for every vertex in the Points position section. You can navigate from point to point by changing the selected point.

Change the level of the water body

Once the water body is levelled, you can change the level of the water body in one click:
  1. Set the Altitude parameter in the Properties window (Position section)