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You are constantly working on projects with the same layer structure and you want to be able to use a layer template instead of creating a layer structure for each project separately.

Quick guide

Creating a layer template

  1. Open any Virtual Surveyor project (.vsp).
  2. Next, within this project create the layer structure you want to reuse in other projects (you can add new layers by clicking '+' icon above the ProjectTree).

  3. Delete the Image file that was automatically added to this project because otherwise it will be loaded every time you use the template. Also remove any other objects that you do not want to be present in your template.
  4. Save as a new project (for example, MySurveyTemplate.vsp). The layer template file is ready.

Using a layer template

  1. Open the project in which you want to use your layer template.
  2. Go to the Insert tab > Layer and click Project.

  3. Select the template file that you created (e.g., MySurveyTemplate.vsp) and click Open.
  4. The layers are loaded in your project. All of them are grouped in a new layer in the ProjectTree. The layer has the name of the template project file you have loaded.

    • Select the layers from MySurveyTemplate, drag them to the left, and drop when you see the highlighted line. In this way you will move them in the base of the ProjectTree and get a clean layer structure (one level deep).

    • Remove the layer MySurveyTemplate.

  5. Save the changes. Now you can use this layer structure in your project.