Virtual Surveyor is installed on your computer and you want to check what version you are running and whether there are updates available that you can install.

Quick guide

  1. Start Virtual Surveyor
  2. Go to File > Activate
  3. Check the information in the Maintenance section. 

Here you will see details about your version and the availability of updates.

You are running the latest version

The 'Update' button is disabled when you are running the latest version.

An update is available

The 'Update' button is enabled when there is an update available and you are eligible for the update. With a subscription you always have access to the latest version. For the legacy perpetual licenses out of maintenance you will not be able to update.

Updating to the latest version
  1. Click 'Update'
  2. A pop-up window will appear and ask you to close the app. 

  1. Click 'Yes' and the download of the latest version will start automatically.

  1. The installation wizard will start when the download is finished.