Release date: 5 June 2016

1. Guided Breakline Drawing

  • The drawing process can be speeded up by an algorithm for detecting sharp irregular edges
  • The guided breakline drawing is an extended function of the polyline and polygon drawing modes 
  • The functionality can be enabled and disabled (default) through the "magic" button
  • The functionality can be temporarily disabled during the drawing process (by pressing CTRL)

  • Guided Breakline Drawing is available in the Peak plan

  • Have a look how it works here.

2. Drawing improvements

  • The user can remove the last vertex each time he presses BACKSPACE
  • CTRL+BACKSPACE removes an entire iteration for the guided breakline drawing
  • Possibility to correct self-intersecting polygons

3. Better Layer Control on Export

  • Initial Export layer preset corresponds to the current state of the ProjectTree
  • Select All and Select None functionality

4. Additional Cloud Hubs

  • Infrastructure upgrade with additional regional hubs
  • Hubs available in the United States, Europe and Australia & South East Asia
  • Cloud hosting is available in the Peak plan

5. Self-Service Portal on

Customers can manage their subscription on

  • Change a plan
  • Change the number of users
  • Add another subscription
  • Cancel a subscription
  • Consult invoices
  • Change the billing address
  • Update the payment method
  • See the upcoming bill
  • Change the account name
  • Retrieve the activation codes
  • Free devices that use an activation code

6. Easier Sign Up after Trial Expired

  • Sign-up from the Virtual Surveyor app is more clear

7. Bug fixes

  • Creation of terrains from a file share or external hard drive is now possible
  • Resolution of export degradation on some data blocks
  • Correct indication of maintenance expiry date for the legacy perpetual licenses