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Valley Mountain Peak


You calculate volumes of particular stockpiles on a regular basis. You want to make your work more efficient and save time by reusing the polygons you have drawn around these stockpiles in one of your previous projects.

Quick guide

Inserting the polygons

  1. Open the project in which you want to calculate volumes (for example, Project2.vsp).

  2. Go to the Insert tab > Layer group and click Project.  


  3. Select the Virtual Surveyor Project file that contains polygons you want to reuse (for example, Project1.vsp).

  4. All objects of Project1 are loaded in your Project2 as a new layer in the ProjectTree. The layer has the name of the project you have loaded.

  5. Select the layer that contains your polygons (or select all polygons in case they are not grouped in a layer), drag it to the left, and drop when you see the highlighted line. In this way you will move the polygons layer in the base of the ProjectTree and get a clean layer structure (one level deep). 

  6. Remove the layer Project1 which only contains the Image now and save the changes or Save as a new project.

Calculating volumes

In this example the same reference level can be used for all polygons so you can proceed as follows: 
  • Select the polygons you have just inserted in the ProjectTree.
  • Go to Home tab > Volume Operations group, set the Reference Level and the reference Elevation value. In this case it is Flat 146,00 meters.
  • Click Calculate Volume. This will trigger a sequential volume calculation for all selected polygons. The progress will be indicated at the bottom of the ProjectTree.

Note: If the reference level is not the same for all polygons you will need to set the reference levels and calculate the volumes of those polygons separately.