Release date: 27 September 2016

1. Snapping

  • Snap on vertices for survey point, polyline and polygon objects. 
  • Suspend snapping while drawing by pressing CTRL.
  • Advantages: Make cleaner surveys + Snap on a preferred point when survey objects are cluttered.
  • Plans: Ridge, Mountain & Peak.

2. Calculate Volumes with Breaklines

  • Use breaklines when calculating a volume.
  • Advantages: Calculate volumes that are partially on sloped and flat areas.
  • Plans: Mountain & Peak.

3. Modify Terrains or Calculate Volumes with Draped Polygons

  • Use a draped polygon when modifying a terrain or calculating a volume.
  • Advantage: Remove conveyors quickly + Save time when calculating "free" volumes by adding fewer points.
  • Plans: Mountain & Peak.

4. Modify Terrains with Triangulations

  • Use a triangulation as an input for a Modify Terrain operation.
  • Advantage: Remove forests while preserving survey points between trees.
  • Plans: Mountain & Peak. 

5. Line of Sight Analysis

  • Draw lines from an observer to a terrain location and asses blocking objects. 
  • Create 3D dimensional viewsheds including your terrain and 3D models.
  • Advantages: Analyse optimal placement of security cameras, communication towers. wind mills, ...
  • Plans: Peak.

6. Underground navigation

  • Navigate under the ground level. 
  • Advantage: Display and compare with previous surveys that are now located under the new topography.
  • Plans: Valley, Ridge, Mountain & Peak.

7. Survey Object Attributes

  • Addition of azimuth to survey polylines. 
  • Export of azimuth.
  • Advantage: Align point grids easier along linear objects such as roads.
  • Plans: Mountain & Peak.

8. Status Bar

  • Display of terrain detail. 
  • Advantage: Get immediate information on your terrain properties.
  • Plans: All plans.