You have purchased a Prepaid Coupon through a Reseller and want to activate your subscription using that prepaid coupon.

1. Go to the sign up page


2. Select Annual as the Billing Cycle

  • Prepaid subscriptions are only available as annual subscriptions so select the Annual Plan here.

3. You will arrive in the Check Out page

  • Set the number of users according to the quantity you have ordered.


4. Apply the Prepaid Coupon in the Check Out

  • Fill out the code in the box.
  • Click Apply.


5. Continue your check-out

  • The code will be validated. 
  • If valid the prepaid amount will be deducted from the price and your total bill should equal 0.00.
  • If not valid you will see a relevant message.


6. Create your Account

  • Create your account by adding your email, first name and last name.


7. Add your Billing Address

  • Complete your billing address. Fill out Country, Address, Zip and City.
  • Note that VAT is only required when you're based in the European Union.
  • You will not need to add a credit card as your subscription is already paid.


8. Create Subscription

  • Accept the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy.
  • When you click Subscribe your subscription will be created
  • You will get an email with the login for your personal portal where you can retrieve your activation code.