Release date: 22 December 2016

1. Multilanguage support

  • Available in a multilingual architecture
  • Currently supported languages:
    • English
    • Simplified Chinese
    • Spanish (partial)
    • French (partial)
    • Turkish (partial)
  • Plans: All plans

2. TerrainCreator

  • Update of the projection systems library
  • Extension of large terrain conversion capability. The largest real project - that we know of - counted 140GB (orthophoto and digital elevation model)
  • Automated reprojection of source data that are in geographic degrees
  • Plans: Ridge, Mountains & Peak

3. Calculate Volumes or Modify Terrain with the Flat Minimum Reference Level

  • Use the minimum elevation of the polygon when calculating a volume or modifying a terrain
  • Advantage: No need to manually enter the reference level. This is especially interesting when reusing multiple polygons in recurring stock calculations 
  • Plans: Ridge, Mountain & Peak

4. Improved Draped Polygon Algorithm

  • Draped polygon describes the terrrain surface with a minimum number of vertices.
  • Advantage: Faster removal of conveyors (Up to 10x faster)
  • Plans: Mountain & Peak

4. Reworked measurement tools

  • Full support for imperial units
  • Measurements are saved
  • Height measurement has a leader line to the measured object
  • New slope measurement tool
  • Measurement information box

5. Activate pane

  • Improved notifications on activation code status