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Valley Mountain Peak

You have processed your photos in Pix4Dmapper and want to know what files you need to create a Virtual Surveyor project.

Quick Guide

What files to produce in Pix4Dmapper?

  1. When you produce your files in Pix4Dmapper, you only need to produce the output from the 3rd step, DSM, Orthomosaic... as shown in the illustration below.

  2. When the processing is done, you'll see the following dialog indicating that you have correctly produced your Raster DSM and Orthomosaic.

Where to retrieve the outputs?

  1. Open the results folder by clicking Process in the application menu, then click Open Results folder or click the button marked in yellow below
  2. Go to the folder 3_dsm_ortho

    • Then go to folder 1_dsm and locate the file ending on _dsm.tif. This is the DSM and you'll need it in Virtual Surveyor (See next section).

    • Then go to folder 2_mosaic and locate the file ending on _transparant_mosaic_group1.tif. This is the orthomosaic and you'll need it in Virtual Surveyor (See next section).

Create a terrain in Virtual Surveyor

  1. Start Virtual Surveyor
  2. Go to File > New > Create Terrain
  3. Drag the files you just located in the result folder from Pix4Dmapper in the TerainCreator and specify a Virtual Surveyor project file.
  4. Click Create Terrain

This is how it looks

  1. The Virtual Surveyor project will open automatically when the terrain creation process completes.

  2. You are now ready to start your virtual survey.