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Valley Mountain Peak

You have processed your photos with DroneDeploy and want to know which files you need to create a Virtual Surveyor project.

Quick Guide

You'll need to generate 2 exports in DroneDeploy:

  • Orthomosaic layer
  • Elevation layer as Raw Elevation Values

Important: You need the DroneDeploy Business plan to export the elevation layer as Raw Elevation Values

Export your orthomosaic from DroneDeploy

  1. Login to your DroneDeploy account and open the project that you want to load in Virtual Surveyor. 
  2. The 2D Map view will be shown by default.

  3. Click the Export button in the upper left corner.

  4. The Export dialog will appear and you'll need to set some important parameters

    • Set the Layer to Orthomosaic

    • Set the File Type to GeoTIFF

    • Set the Map Projection to the map projection of your project area. So choose Other EPSG Code. In this case it is set to 31370 or Belgian Lambert 1972. All spatial reference systems of the world are available here.

    • You can choose Single Image or Tiled. Virtual Surveyor can handle both.

    • Set a Resolution

    • Click Export and your orthomosaic will be prepared.

Export your elevation from DroneDeploy

  1. You will work in the same Export dialog but will change some settings
    • Change the Layer from Orthomosaic to Elevation in the Export dialog
    • Make sure to set the File Type to Raw Elevation Values (DEM). This is very important. This option will produce a GeoTIFF file that contains an elevation value for every pixel. When you choose the GeoTIFF or JPG option as the File Type then you'll produce a color map of your elevation. This is a picture which helps to understand the elevation but it doesn't contain the elevation values itself.
    • You can leave all other parameters unchanged (Other EPSG Code, Single Image, Resolution)
    • Click Export

Download the Orthomosaic and Elevation layer

  1. When you click Export, DroneDeploy will give you a notification that your request is Processing

  2. When processing is finished the layer will appear in blue

  3. Click on it to start the download.

  4. When both downloads are complete you are ready to create a terrain in Virtual Surveyor

Create a terrain

  1. Start Virtual Surveyor
  2. Go to File > New > Create Terrain
  3. Drag files you just downloaded from DroneDeploy in the TerainCreator and specify a Virtual Surveyor project file.
  4. Click Create Terrain

This is how it looks

  1. The Virtual Surveyor project will open automatically when the terrain creation process completes.

  2. You are now ready to start your virtual survey.