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Valley Mountain Peak

Virtual Surveyor 6 includes a new core engine that is faster, allows larger projects, and is more reliable than version 5. Because of these improvements, a Version 5 project must be converted to work in Version 6.


The following procedure describes the process to make the conversion:

  1. Open your Version 5 project (.vsp) in Virtual Surveyor 5.
  2. Export all of your created data as a DXF file format.
  3. Open Virtual Surveyor 6 and go to File > New > From Computer.
  4. Browse for and open your elevation terrain: <project name>.Ei.tif.
  5. Your terrain will be upgraded automatically to the Version 6 configuration.
  6. Import the DXF file your created in step 2 into the new Version 6 Project
  7. Save your new project to a Virtual Surveyor 6 project file (.vspx) 

The entire workflow in a 3-step video


Step by step instructions

Step 1 - Export Virtual Surveyor Version 5 Data

  1. Open your Version 5 project.
  2. Make sure all of you layers are turned on. You must not have any nested layers

  3. Select export DXF from the export section of the home menu.

  4. Check again that all your layers are selected and leave all the options at the default settings

  5. Give the export a name

  6. Click Export to start the export process. If you have a large project the export process may take a while.

!!! IMPORTANT: Do this step first for all your Virtual Surveyor 5 project before proceeding to the next step.

Step 2 - Create your Virtual Surveyor Version 6 Project

  1. Install and Start Virtual Surveyor 6
  2. Select FILE > New > From Computer

  3. Browse for and Open the <project name>.Ei.tif from the Virtual Surveyor Version 5 project.
  4. Depending on the size of your project, it may take a while for terrain upgrade to complete.

  5. When done the terrains will load automatically.

Step 3 - Import your Virtual Surveyor Version 5 data.

  1. Navigate to the INSERT tab on the menu bar. 
  2. Select Import Survey and navigate to the DXF created in step one.

  3. The file will be imported. Depending on your project size, the process may take a while. All of your Version 5 data will be imported and on the correct layers.

  4. Save your new Virtual Surveyor 6 project as a <project name>.vspx 
  5. And you are finished!

Files per version

  • Virtual Surveyor 5
    • .Ei.tif
    • .Ii.tif
    • .vsp
    • .Ei.mpt
  • Virtual Surveyor 6
    • .Ei.tif
    • .Ii.tif
    • .vspx