Applicable plans
Valley Mountain Peak


Virtual Surveyor 6 will be switching to a role-based licensing system. There will no longer be any license codes to remember. 

You will have an Organization Owner who will be in charge of billing, adding or removing users, and plan renewals or upgrades. All current subscribers will be converted to organization owners on the initial conversion to version 6 of Virtual Surveyor. The following tutorial will explain how to get your licences up and running with the new version.

The Organization Owner can invite other Identities to join his Organization. Once they accept they will become Organization Members and can be assigned to a subscription.

Single User

You will see the following screen upon logging in with your Identity on My Virtual Surveyor:

All you have to do is drag your name from the Available Identities onto the EMPTY box in your subscription dialog.

You are now ready to start Virtual Surveyor 6. Log in with your Identity in the Virtual Surveyor 6 Desktop application and begin work.

Multiple Users

As shown above, when you are the Organization Owner you can also invite members to your organization by hitting the "+" sign to the right of the all the available identities. The popup below will allow you to invite a new Identity to join your organization by using their email.

Users who already have an Identity can just log in. The user will see the invitation to join message as shown below. If the user doesn't have an identity yet he will have to create one first.

Once the user accepts they will see the screen below he will be an Organization Member.

Their My Virtual Surveyor view will be updated and they will only have limited but relevant functionality:

  • Update their Identity
  • Download the Virtual Surveyor Desktop application
  • Link to support

The Organization Member will automatically be assigned to the Valley plan initially.

The Organization Owner will see all the members of the organization in the Available Identities dialog and can drag one of these identities to one of the EMPTY boxes as shown below. When doing so he will assign a license to that Identity.

A user can be removed from a license by dragging their identity back to the box on the far right under available identities. 

The user's identity can also be removed from the organization by hitting the minus to the right of the identity, for example when a user leaves the company, the organization's owner can remove the identity.

You see below that the Organization Owner has assigned one Identity to a Peak - one-month subscription. The Organization Owner still has a Mountain - one-year subscription available. He can assign himself to this subscription or can invite another Identity to join the organization.

The user's Identity will have the appropriate plan assigned as and the user will see the information below: 

The user can now log into the Virtual Surveyor 6 Desktop application using his Identity and begin work!