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#1 – Undo

  • Undo was one of our most requested features from previous versions.
  • You can now recover from your mistakes easily.
  • Use CTRL+Z or CTRL+Y to Undo/Redo.
  • You can also use the standard windows icons from the quick access toolbar.

#2 – Point Removal

  • Area select is now on the home tool tab.
  • select the area and just hit delete on the keyboard
  • We added the eraser tool as well.
  • selection of point for removal is much easier.

#3 – 3D Imports now supported  

  • The XYZ of all imported objects is maintained.
  • Underground design data can now be imported.
  • Turning on underground mode allows visualization.
  • The imported blue lines below are below the terrain.

#4 – Descriptors

  • All Virtual Surveyor 6 objects now support descriptors.
  • Descriptors can now be alpha, numeric or both. 
  • Descriptions can now be easily changed.
  • Points are now exported in CSV format as P, X, Y, Z, D.

#5 – 3D Editing

  • Points, Lines, and Boundaries can now be edited in all direction.
  • Imported entities do not automatically assume terrain elevations.
  • Individual Vertices of Lines and Boundaries can be assigned elevations.
  • All the vertices of a Line or Boundary may be assigned the same elevation at once.
  • Points can also be assigned elevations as well. 

#6 – Densify Tool

  • Select Lines and or boundaries may be densified or vertices automatically added based on terrain.
  • Very handy for generating a profile line.
  • Great for creating cross-section for a TIN.

#7 – Move to terrain Tool

  • Selected entities can be pushed or draped to the terrain.
  • Checkpoints can be pushed to the terrain, exported and compared to the originals.
  • Handy for checking UAV accuracy.
  • 2D imported entities can be easily placed on the terrain.

#8 – Clean Terrain

  • Clickless and work faster.
  • Create polygon and modify terrain replaced with one tool.
  • The terrain is updated automatically.
  • Ideal for removing conveyors and equipment.

#9 – Merge Terrains

  • The Virtual Surveyor 6 project area grows dynamically.
  •  You can now combine as many terrains as you want.
  • Save computing resources.
  • Process smaller areas and combine in Virtual Surveyor 6.

#10 – Performance

  • In addition to stability, performance is significantly improved.
  • In version 5 a large point file caused long processing and saving times.
  • That same project is handled in less than a second.
  • We hope you think our 10 months of effort has been worth the wait!