This article gives an overview of the feature updates that we are currently working on. The presented feature list will be included in Virtual Surveyor 6.2 which is scheduled for release early January 2019.

Feature updates

  • Numbering
    • Renumber an individual point, line, boundary or surface
    • Renumber a selection of items with a number series
  • Export volumes
    • Export the volume information as a shapefile
    • Export the elevation level for flat reference surfaces
    • Export annotations when exporting to .dxf
    • Export the volume information as a boundary
  • Terrain Tools
    • Clip image and elevation terrains with a boundary
    • Export (clipped / mosaicked) orthophoto
  • Extract points from lines, boundaries and surfaces
  • Selection within a boundary
  • Create convex and concave hulls
  • Create a fly-through
  • Display surfaces as triangles, contours or outlines