The plan Valley is a free version with limited functionality. This article explains how you can activate your license for the Valley version

The activation can be done in 2 ways:

  • As a member of an organization
  • As an individual user

As an organization member

You are a member of an organization if your company has / had a paying subscription and the organization owner invited you to join that organization (which you accepted).

  • If your Virtual Surveyor is present in the Available Identities box you will be automatically assigned to a Valley license


    • If you are assigned to a subscription that is ended (or active) you will not have a Valley license (shown below). In this case you'll have the license of the subscription that you are assigned to.
    • You will need to drag the Identity out of the subscription box to the Available Identities box first in order to activate the Valley license again.

As an individual user

You are an individual user if you are not linked to an organization.

  • Login to My Virtual Surveyor with your Virtual Surveyor Identity
  • If your trial expired then you'll see the screen as below.
  • In the Valley plan, click START (marked in yellow)

  • A popup will appear. 
  • Accept the Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy
  • Click Confirm

  • The status of the Valley plan changes to ACTIVE

  • You can now login to the Desktop application with your Virtual Surveyor Identity.

Note: You don't need a payment method to activate the Valley license. After all ... it is free!