A user can only work with the Ridge or Peak features in the desktop software if that user is assigned to an active Ridge or Peak subscription. This article explains how to assign an Available User to a subscription.

Info! The actions described in this article can only be done by the owner of the company account.

Assign a User

  1. If you are not logged in to My Virtual Surveyor, first login with your Virtual Surveyor ID.

  2. The subscriptions panel shows a subscription box. No users are assigned when you just created the subscription. Click on Assign a user in the Subscriptions box.

  3. Select the appropriate user from the list of users that appear in the dropdown menu.

  4. Click the green button that shows Assign user. The user will appear in the Subscriptions box and a new slot is created for another user.

  5. This user has a license now and can work with the Virtual Surveyor desktop software after the user logs in with its Virtual Surveyor ID
    1. In the example below the user john.doe@virtual-surveyor.com can work with the Peak features.

  6. You can add all the available company users to the subscription in the same way. 
    1. In the example below, 4 users are added (Jane, John, Jake, and Jesse Doe) and will be able to work with the 2 available Peak licenses. 
    2. This means all these users can work with the Peak features of the software, but only 2 of the 4 users can work with Peak features at the same time.

The User is Not Available

If the user is not available in the dropdown list, then 

  • The user is not added to the company account yet.

    Solution: Add the user to your company account first before adding the user to the subscription.

  • We cannot know if the user belongs to your company.

    Solution: Add the user to your company account with a company email.

Info! We verify if a user belongs to a company through the email address of the user. The email domain should match the company domain that is linked to the subscription.

Assign a User Button is Not Available

  • Your licensing is not floating (yet). When your subscription is not linked to a company domain, the floating license is not active and the number of available user slots are limited to the number of licenses that you have purchased.

    Solution: Contact us to configure a company domain. 

Unassign a User

  1. Click on the button on the right side of the user to unassign that particular user from the subscription.

  2. The user is not able to work with the Ridge or Peak features as soon as the user is removed from the subscription.

  3. The user appears with the Available Users, but can still work with the Valley version.