When you want to work with the Virtual Surveyor desktop software, and someone else in your organization has created the subscription, you will need to join that organization first before the organization owner can assign you to the subscription. This article explains how an organization owner can invite you to join an organization.

Important: This action can only be done by an organization owner.

Quick Guide

  1. If you are not logged into My Virtual Surveyor, then login first with your Virtual Surveyor ID.

  2. On the right side, you'll see the Available Identities box with the Virtual Surveyor IDs that can be assigned to the subscription. When you have just created your subscription, typically only 1 identity (organization owner) will be available.

  3. In order to add another identity to your organization, click on the icon next to Available Identities.

  4. A popup will appear in which you can enter the email address of the colleague you want to add to your organization.

  5. Click Send Invitation.

  6. The invited user will appear under the Pending Invitations until he/she has accepted the invitation.

  7. Important: 
    1. The invited user will receive a notification email on the email address that you have entered. 
    2. He/she will need to login with their own Virtual Surveyor ID in order to accept the invitation.
    3. If the invited user doesn't have a Virtual Surveyor ID yet, then he/she will have to create one first.
    4. The invitation will remain valid for 30 days after which it expires automatically.

  8. Once your colleague has accepted the invitation, he/she will appear under the Available Identities.

  9. Now you can assign the Virtual Surveyor ID of your colleague to a subscription. Click here to see details on how to do this.

Remove a user from your organization

  1. You can also remove a user from your organization.
  2. Click on the button next to his/her identity card.
  3. You cannot remove yourself from your organization since you are the organization owner. Reach out to us if you want to change the organization owner.