In your communication with us, you'll read often specific words (like organization owner, ...). This articles explains these terms.


  • Organization¬†
  • Organization Owner
  • Organization Member
  • Subscription Agreement


  • This is the company you work for and is essentially a legal entity.
  • The subscription agreement will be between the organization and Virtual Surveyor nv.

Organization owner

Organization member

  • This is a person that accepted to be a member of an organization.
  • This person authenticates itself towards us through its Virtual Surveyor ID.
  • The organization member cannot manage any aspect of the subscription agreement and does not has access to the payment method.
  • He/she can be assigned by the organization owner to consume the software service (Valley, Mountain or Peak).

Subscription agreement

  • The agreement between Virtual Surveyor nv and an organization to deliver the Virtual Surveyor services.