When you export your points to a .csv file, they will be available in a specific point file format. Virtual Surveyor uses the PXYZD point file format. This article explains the specifics of this format.


  • A point will be exported in the P, X, Y, Z, D point file format.
  • Essentially, 5 pieces of information related to the point will be exported.
  • This information is structured in 5 columns which contain the following headers:
    • P - Point Number
    • X - Easting coordinate of the point
    • Y - Northing coordinate of the point
    • Z - Elevation of the point
    • D - Descriptor
  • X, Y & Z are exported to 6 decimals

Layer information

  • Layer information is not exported when exporting to a .csv file
  • This is because depending on your descriptor, your CAD package will import the point in the proper layer and associate it with the proper symbol.

Separator format

The .csv file are formatted according to your Windows regional settings. Before using .csv export be sure to set different symbol for decimals and list separators. Have a look to that Windows support article to learn more how to tune those settings. If you change your regional settings, don't forget to restart Virtual Surveyor before launching another point export.