When you are creating your Virtual Surveyor ID, we'll send you a verification code in order to validate your email address. Depending on your email configuration, this verification code might not arrive in your Inbox. 

This article describes some tips & tricks related to such issues.

Tips & Tricks

Search in other folders

  • The code might have landed in your spam or clutter folders. Have a look in those folders and look for an email with the following properties
    • Sent by Microsoft on behalf of Virtual Surveyor
    • With subject Virtual Surveyor account email verification code

  • For Gmail in particular, the email will be in the Updates inbox tab (as shown below)

  • The verification code is sent immediately but its delivery might be delayed due to the configuration of the email service in your company. So be patient before requesting a new code (next topic).

Resending the code

  • You can try to send a new code by clicking the SEND NEW CODE button.

  • But be aware:
    • When sending a new code, your earlier code will become invalid. 
    • If the delivery of that first email is delayed then it might arrive anyhow earlier then your new attempt. In this case you will apply a code that is not valid. 
    • If that happens, you might want to wait for the new email to arrive and then you can try that code.

Blocked by company email policies

  • If you still cannot find the code, then its delivery might be blocked by your companies firewall. 
  • Contact your administrator to verify if this is the case.