You can get pricing information on our website or in the My Virtual Surveyor application. The latter contains more details on pricing but you will need to authenticate yourself with your Virtual Surveyor ID.

We have different billing cycles:

  • per month
  • per year
  • per two years
  • per three years

We also have different functional versions:

  • Mountain
  • Peak
  • Valley = free

You calculate your price by taking the billing cycle and functional version that you want. Then you multiple that unit price by the number of users that you want to purchase. 

Price quote

  • Login to My Virtual Surveyor.
  • Configure your plan and set the number of users.
  • Set the billing address.
  • The application will show you the correct pricing for your country.

You are buying for someone else?

  • Get in touch for reselling possibilities.
  • Contact us through the chat.