You probably wonder how many users you need to purchase before you start your Virtual Surveyor subscription. You want your team to be able to work, but you feel uncomfortable to pay the full price for users that only need the software from time to time. We understand that. 

Your main consideration should be the number of people that need the software at the same time

This article gives you the entire context to make the proper choice. 

Per user

Virtual Surveyor works on a “Pay per User”-basis. So, if you purchase 1 user, then 1 person can work. If you purchase 2 users, then 2 persons can work simultaneously, and so on. If you are a one-man-company, then that makes sense. But what if you operate in a team and each member needs the software only a few days per month? Then you are probably thinking: “Hmmmm, how can this be flexible?”.

The following creates a flexible license as you can control your licenses through two methods:

  • You can assign and unassign a person as the subscription user as much as you like, or
  • You can work with a user pool for larger teams

Changing users

You can manually assign and unassign team members as many times as you want as a user to your subscription. 

You can do this in the My Virtual Surveyor portal. Simply drag the team member from the Subscriptions box to the Available Identities box and drag another team member into the Subscription box. 

Example. In week 1 you let Jane Doe use the software and you switch her with Jake Doe in week 2. You can even do this on a daily or hourly basis. As many times as you want. All the other team members that are in the Available Identities box will be able to access the projects through the free Valley plan. 

Much better than working with dongles, right? This approach is very close to a floating license, but you’ll need to manually change the user. If you need more automated approaches, then look at the user pooling in the next section.

User pool

The licensing system will automatically assign a team member as a user to the subscription when user pooling is enabled. In this way you don’t have to manually assign and unassign team members. 

But of course, the team member can work with the software if there is a user available.

Example. You have 2 users for your subscription and a pool of 3 users is enabled. The users Jake, Jesse and Jane Doe are assigned to the pool and only 2 of them will be able to work at the same time. John Doe is not assigned to the pool but will be able to work on Valley.

Jake Doe is connected as the 1st user and is currently working (shows ACTIVE). Jane Doe or Jesse Doe can connect as the 2nd user (whoever comes first). As soon as a user closes the application, the license become available again for another user. If John Doe want to work on the Mountain version, a user needs to be removed from the pool and John Doe can be dragged in its place. 

User pooling is a functionality that needs to be enabled on our side. You are eligible for the pool option when you have a subscription with at least 2 users. The size of the user pool also depends on the purchased number of users. Reach out to your sales agent to work out the specifics. 

Important. All the team members that are in your pool need to work for your company or group of companies. This is controlled through the domain of the Virtual Surveyor ID that your team member uses to authenticate them on our systems.

Adding to and removing team members from the pool needs to be done manually in the My Virtual Surveyor portal. But once the pool is set, everything is automatic for the team members that are in the pool.

Creating a team

Do you work in a team? Read more here on how to invite team members. 

Your team changes in size? You can increase the number of users immediately or decrease the number of users at the end of the current subscription term. Read more here on how to change your subscription.