The Help tab contains links to supporting information for Virtual Surveyor. Links include our online videos, Knowledge Base with Tools Reference Guide, and our What's New page, featuring the newest additions to Virtual Surveyor.

Help group

Knowledge BaseThe Knowledge Base (the website you a currently on!) will open a web browser to our website that contains all the written information available about Virtual Surveyor. The Knowledge Base is made up of several sections. The Tools Reference Guide acts as the repository for all information related to the specifics of tools within Virtual Surveyor. There are also sections for typical workflows, accounting, Organization management, and other general topics. 
VideosThe Videos button takes you our YouTube channel by opening up a new web browser tab. The Virtual Surveyor YouTube channel contains videos highlighting individual tools, new features and workflows for using your data in Virtual Surveyor.
What's New?The What's New? button will open a web browser page to our website listing the newest feature by version release. Use this button to keep up to date on new tools and upcoming ones!