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To customized your PDF report and empower your company branding you can automatically add your company logo on exported PDFs.

This article explains how to configure Virtual Surveyor to add your company logo on top of your PDF report. It is done through the general settings

Quick guide

  1. Go to the backstage view and then in the Settings panel.
  2. Select Company Logo in the Online settings.
  3. Click on add a logo and navigate to your company logo image file or drag and drop this file in the rectangle area,
  4. The logo displays in the panel and will appear on your PDF reports.

Tips and tricks

  • The following image formats are supported for the company logo : .tif, .tiff, .jpg, .png and .img
  • The company logo is stored on the cloud and associated to your Virtual Surveyor ID. This means that it will follow you no matter what device you are working on. Adding a company logo is a one time operation while there is no change in your company branding.
  • You can remove the company logo in the Settings panel by clicking on Remove Logo.
  • You can change the company logo in the Settings panel by clicking on Change Logo or by dragging and dropping a new logo over the former one.