Invoices for your subscription are automatically generated and emailed to the Organization Owner whenever a subscription is created, renewed, or upgraded. A billing or accounting contact (email) can be added in addition to the Organization Owner in the My Virtual Surveyor portal. This contact would then also be automatically sent any invoices generated from Virtual Surveyor. This article will show you how to add an accounting email contact. 

Quick Guide

Accessing your Organization in My Virtual Surveyor

The Organization tab will only be accessible when logging into as the Organization Owner. Once logged in you will be greeted by the Subscriptions page that displays your current subscription(s) and their status(s). Your My Virtual Surveyor menu options are displayed to the left. Click on the Organization menu to access your organization info. 

The subscription page is the landing page when logging into My Virtual Surveyor. Click on the Organization menu on the far left. 

The Organization area contains the information about your company including organization name, billing address, outstanding balances, and billing emails. In the Billing Emails click on the "Edit" button. The Organization Owner is required to be the first Billing Email. You can add a second billing contact that your invoices will also be emailed to when automatically generated. 

Click on the Edit button to add an additional billing contact email.

Billing Emails will now be sent to the Organization Owner and any additional Billing Email added.