Virtual Surveyor helps you to compare elevations and manage your projects over time. When the project contains multiple terrain states, you can display several profile lines and/or switch the terrain state shown in the profile view.

The profile lines are shown as a graph in the profile view and simultaneously in the viewport.

This article explains you how to add, switch or remove a terrain state in the profile view. You will also learn how to change the color associated to a profile line.

Add a terrain state to the profile view

The profile view can show multiple lines of a profile at different dates on the same graph. Click the "+ Add Terrain State" button in the lower left corner of the profile view and select a terrain state in the list to place another profile line on the current profile view. The current terrain state appears slightly thicker than the other terrain states shown in the profile view.

The enabled terrain states are listed in alphabetical order in the lower part of the profile view. A color is assigned to each of the terrain states.

Hint! You can sort the terrain states chronologically by using the YYYY-MM-DD format to name the terrain states based on the survey dates.

Switch terrain state

You can switch the terrain state in the viewport and simultaneously in the profile view using the Terrain State. The current terrain state is always displayed.

Use the Terrain State dropdown menu available in the project view to select the terrain state you want to display as the current one.

Remove a terrain state

You can remove a terrain state from the profile view. In the profile view, click on the X button in a terrain state box to make it disappear.

Hint! It is not possible to remove the current terrain state profile line from the profile view.

Change the profile line color

You can change the color of the profile line which is associated to a terrain state. In the profile view, click on the dropdown menu in the terrain state box and select the color of your choice. 

This changes the color of the profile line in the profile view. The color of the profile item in the viewport can be changed in the TOOLS tab for Profile.

Tips and tricks

  • Use the Peak version to create new terrain states and track progress over time.