This article explains how to activate your license for the free Valley version. The free Valley license works a bit differently between a company account and individual users.

Activation can be done in one of two ways:

Setup as a Company Admin

Case: Your company currently has (or had) a paying subscription and you manage this subscription.

Follow these steps:

  1. Login to My Virtual Surveyor.
  2. Invite colleagues to join your company organization by clicking on + Invite a user under Valley Users.
  3. Enter the email address of the colleague and press Send Invitation.

    1. Your colleague will receive a notification about your invitation they can accept once they login to their My Virtual Surveyor account.

  4. Once your colleague accepts the invitation, he/she is automatically added as a Valley license user and will appear in the Valley Users list.

  5. Your colleague can now sign in to the Virtual Surveyor desktop application.

Important! If a user is assigned to a subscription that is ended (or active), this user will not be able to use a Valley license. You (as the Company Admin) need to move the User from the Subscriptions section and assign them as a Valley User in order to activate the Valley license.

Setup as an Individual User

Case: You are an individual user and didn't have a subscription before. 

Important! You can only activate the Valley version if your trial has expired.

Follow these steps:

  1. Login to My Virtual Surveyor.
  2. On the Home page under the Valley plan column, click START.
  3. Read the popup that appears and agree to the Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy by ticking the box.
  4. Click Confirm to continue.
  5. The status of the Valley plan changes to ACTIVE.

  6. That's it! Your free Valley license is active and you can now sign in to the Virtual Surveyor desktop application with your My.Virtual-Surveyor account.

Note: You do not need a payment method to activate the Valley license... it's free!