A user can only work with the Ridge or Peak features in the desktop software if that user is assigned to an active Ridge or Peak subscription. This article explains how to assign Valley Users to a Subscription.

Info! Assigning and Unassigning users can only be performed by the the Company Admin and User Admin roles.


Assign a User

  1. Login to My Virtual Surveyor with your Virtual Surveyor ID.
  2. The Subscriptions section does not automatically add available users to a license when you initially create a subscription. 
  3. Click on Assign a user in the Subscriptions box and follow the prompts to add a User to the Peak license.

  4. The user now appears in the Subscriptions box under 0 of 2 of the available licenses.

  5. Once the user opens up the Virtual Surveyor desktop software, they can sign in with their Virtual Surveyor ID and instantly have access to all the Peak features.

  6. You can also add all available company users to your Subscriptions using these same steps. 
    1. In the example below, 4 users are added (Jane, John, Jake, and Jesse Doe) and will be able to work with the 2 available Peak licenses.

    2. All these users assigned to the Peak plan subscription have full access to the Peak features of the software, but only of the users have access to Peak features at the same time.

The User is Not Available

If the user is not available in the dropdown list when assigning a user: 

  • The user has not been added to the company account yet.

    Solution: Add the user to your company account first before adding the user to the subscription.

  • Virtual Surveyor has no way of knowing if a user belongs to your company.

    Solution: Add the user to your company account with a company email.

Important! Virtual Surveyor verifies that a user belongs to a company through the email address of the user. The email domain needs to match the company domain that is linked to the subscription.

Assign a User Button is Not Available

  • Your licensing is not floating (yet). When your subscription is not linked to a company domain, the floating license is not active and the number of available user slots are limited to the number of licenses that you have purchased.

    Solution: Contact us to configure a company domain. 

Unassign a User

  1. Click on the Unassign user icon (Golden negative icon) on the right side of the user to unassign them from the subscription.

  2. The user is no longer able to work with the Ridge or Peak features as soon as the user is removed from the subscription.
  3. Once unassigned, the user is automatically reassigned under Valley Users and still has access to the Valley version.

Tips and Tricks

You can also assign and unassign users by simply using the drag-and-drop function to move a User profile from Valley Users to a Subscription license and vice-versa.